Where are the Coffees From?

We Roast 10 Origins and make Two Blends.

For a complete list of Coffee Types,
come visit us at Homebase and chat
brews so you know what you're looking forward to. We're super down to have in depth discussions.  
Otherwise, Subscribe, Sit Back
& enjoy this spontaneous yet oh
so consistent experience!

Can I get Decaf?


We have a beautiful Swiss-Water Decaf Coffee to enjoy. Fun Fact, it's our Roasters Favourite Brew...super delicious! You can choose to either 'only' receive Decaf, in that case sign up for your quantity & frequency then make sure to leave a note that you're only wanting Decaf Coffee.

How Experienced
are we?

We've been working with Coffee for over a decade. Our experience has
been developed by a group of fine Lower Mainland Employers,
further supported by industry
education & participation.

Established in 2014 right here in Surrey BC, Pina Columbia Coffee is directed by a woman who:

*is a member of an international Coffee Industry authority, the SCA*

*is an accredited Barista through the Barista Guild of America*

*Has represented Canada on International Barista Teams*

*Has trained and developed local
coffee professional talent*

*Has opened & operated multiple Coffee Bars, including her very own*

*Has won readers Choice awards for 'Best New Business' & 'Best Customer Service' in Surrey*

Est. 2014...
How am I just hearing about this?

Ha !

Ok here's the thing. Coffee is super competitive. There's HUUUUGE brands out there that are really good at covering up the visibility of the little guys. So that could be one reason.

Perhaps also we're still a little bit stuck behind the fog that 'Surrey has no Good Coffee' ...it's taken a couple years to get past that stigma! Help a girl out would ya & start consuming local roasted beans...demand them!

It's been a busy time, since Spring 2017 we've been building the
Centric Culinary Inc. Homebase, growing coffee subscription and roasting roster customers. We're a one woman show with huge community support, jump in & grow with it all!

How is the Pricing for the Subscription figured out?

The Pricing for our Coffee Subscription is actually super cool. You can choose what you find most valuable.

Premium Price is Paid for
Weekly Deliveries. How Come? You're opting in for the Value that FRESHNESS
brings to your coffee. This is best for people that demand they only drink the best of the best...we can do that. Avg. Price per pound is $18.00(remember, delivery included locally)

Regular Price is paid for the less frequent deliveries. There's some cost savings from not needing to process weekly orders and we're happy to pass those fractions of pennies back to you. Average price per pound is $17.50

Value Price is paid for the monthly deliveries. Don't care that your coffee is basically still warm? Just want a competitive price? Coffee Subscriptors that use quite a bit of coffee can look forward to paying as low as $13.50 per pound for our gorgeous Pina Columbia Coffee Beans.

  1. Included in Monthly Subscription
  2. Included in Annual Subscription
  3. Included in Subscription
  4. Available with Annual Subscription
  5. Included in Annual Subscription
  6. Included in Annual Subscription
  7. Included in Annual Subscription
  8. Farmer Direct Relationships
  9. Signature Pina Columbia Espresso
  10. Canada's Best Decaf Coffee
    Canada's Best Decaf Coffee
    Sustainably Roasted, Fresh Swiss Water Decaf Coffee